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  • marketing small businesses

    what are the best marketing strategies that can help market a small business?

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    social media, seo etc
    depends what industry you are in ????


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      I would start off with Social media! Facebook would be a great start especially if its E-commerce


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        It really depends on your budget and who your key target audience/market are. For example, if you are looking to target older people you might want to use Facebook. On the other hand, if you're looking to target the younger market, Instagram would be a good bet.


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          Another big thing to consider is your budget and time. If you are will to spend a lot of time and effort into your marketing without it costing too much, then SEO can be great. Whereas, if you have a budget you might want to spend it on affiliate marketing or PPC etc.


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            It can be good to try and form some partnerships with other companies too that can give your business exposure with their audience, giving you a wider reach and helping you to grow your own customer base. Maybe think about what you can offer a business in return so that you can form a mutually beneficial partnership rather than having to use up your budget on advertising with them.